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At Angelus Pet Hospital, we are dedicated to offering valuable information, tips, and tools and empowering you to care for your pets. From the moment you step through our doors, we listen to your concerns, examine your pets, and offer the treatment they need and deserve. Please browse our resources to empower yourselves to be the best pet parents possible.

Pet Health Care Library

Dogs and cats can suffer from various medical conditions and illnesses. Our Pet Health Library is a collection of resources to help you understand these medical concerns, empowering you to help your pets achieve and maintain optimal health.


ASPCA Poison Control Center

The ASPCA is an organization that believes all animals are entitled to kind and compassionate treatment from humans and must be protected by law. Learn about ASPCA’s history, mission, and impact in promoting animal welfare.


Pet Pharmacy

Please go through our Pet Pharmacy Library of Medications for a list of medical conditions affecting dogs and cats, along with the common medications prescribed. We provide the medication details in the form of the brand name and generic name.


Only For Educational Purposes

Please note that the information in our resources is not a substitute for professional veterinary care but only for educational purposes. Always consult a veterinarian for your pet’s care before making any decisions. And if you notice potentially life-threatening signs and symptoms, please contact a veterinary care facility IMMEDIATELY.

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